Weekly Update #9

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It is another edition of the weekly update.

We’ve worked much on implementing the battle engine.  Writing code does not translate to many flashy images unfortunately, but we have implemented many attack animations.

>>In game screenshot ()

The battles are definitely turning out to be a lot of work, and we’ll undoubtedly be working many hours to get our new tactical combat engine operational in time for the beta.  Needless to say, it now has no resemblance to the little battle mini game you saw in the demo, and rather makes Sunrider a true tactical RPG in the vein of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.  We didn’t actually expect to be able to make such a grand RPG, and we’ve been grinding many long hours reworking everything.

New Side Character

Veniczar B. Cullen

A former Imperial admiral who joined PACT on the eve of New Eden’s fall, Cullen’s betrayal allowed the PACT fleet to sneak past the dark side of New Eden’s moon undetected and catch the remnants of the Imperial fleet off guard.  While ostensibly a PACT Veniczar, Cullen still surrounds himself with lavish riches and still indulges in all the comforts of Imperial life.  While his subordinates uniformly despite him, Cullen’s political power has ensured his position in the PACT fleet.  Cullen has now been tasked by Veniczar Arcadius with the conquest of the Neutral Rim.

Cullen’s lack of courage or tactical wit is amply made up by the sheer power of the PACT fleet against the lightly armed worlds of the Neutral Rim.  However, some whisper that Cullen had merely been sent away to the Neutral Rim by Arcadius to keep Cullen occupied while Arcadius deals with other more nefarious plans.

Cullen generally lacks intelligence, and compensates with brute force, both on the battlefield and in his personal life.  He will be one of the first bosses that the Sunrider’s crew must defeat.

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