Weekly Update #12

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One day late, but better late than never!

We’ve launched a gameplay video of Sunrider on YouTube! Check out Sola’s sniping skills as she snipes down enemies from across the map!  Also check out my (not so hot) skills as I take on the massive PACT fleet without any equipment upgrades. At least I didn’t have to shamefully use the dev console to cheat!

An important part of Sunrider is that all the mechs have their own roles to play in the battle. Asaga’s the red leader and an all around jack-of-all trades with good defensive and offensive capabilities, but does not excel in any particular area.  Chigara’s the team healer and buffer and necessary to patch your units up, or else you won’t last very long.  Icari’s the rogue and has an amazingly high damage output and can cloak to avoid blindside attacks, but gets dispatched in just two or three hits.  Sola’s the sniper and can’t move around much, but as long as she remains stationary and defended by other units, she can inflict massive damage from the rear.  We’re working as hard as we can to add all the characters as fast as we can so that you have a full suite of tactical options in the battles. :)

Speaking of adding new characters, we’ll be adding two mechs to Episode 3! Here’s an early preview of Claude’s mech, the Bianca.  It’s got a shotgun which is only helpful to counter melee attacks, and a gravity gun which can be used…. let’s just say, in interesting ways.  Also it is pink.

Physical Merchandise

Pretty much 90% of our backers within the United States should have got their Kickstarter rewards by now.  I’ve also received some reports that our goods have begun to arrive in Australia, which is always good news, since I didn’t think we’d get there for another two weeks!  If you have any issues with receiving your merchandise, feel free to drop me a line on Kickstarter or on our forums.

Go to the popularity poll!
Go to the popularity poll!

Remember that the second Sunrider popularity poll is happening! So far Icari is in the lead, but this could still be anyone’s game! Help your waifu win!

Go to our shop! (NSFW)
Go to our shop! (NSFW)

We’re selling a lot of merchandise on our website now! You can purchase the $250-tier dakimakuras now for $70 a piece.  (Also, the Sola peachskins are still available for purchase, you know. 😉 )  We also have the $50-tier posters going for $10 a piece.

Keita Takanashi Launches Iced Blade x Sunrider Kickstarter!

Go to Iced Blade Kickstarter!
Go to Iced Blade Kickstarter!

Mr. Keita Takanashi of Iced Blade has launched a Kickstarter for his Japanese indie band, Iced Blade! For his Kickstarter debut, he’ll be releasing the official Sunrider vocal album, SORA NO SENRITSU. (The Melody of the Cosmos) And of course, we’re helping out by providing a US account and handing out beta codes like crazy to all backers. This is your chance to purchase lossless versions of all the vocal tracks in Sunrider. Also, this will help the game by increasing our beta pool. Let’s add another 1000 testers and share Sunrider across the planet!

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