Weekly Update #11

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After a hiatus, welcome back for another edition of the Sunrider weekly update.

We’re busy as always with a ton of things to do.

Physical Merchandise

A lot of things are going on with the physical merchandise.  First, we’ve gathered all the stuff we need to ship out the thank you cards, dakimakuras, and the posters.  We expect that stuff to ship Wednesday.

The 3D printed mechs should also ship pretty soon, but we’re not exactly sure what day yet.

Also, better get your wallets ready! The dakimakuras will once again go on sale once we’ve shipped out the first batch! It’s first come first serve, so get them quick before they sell out. 😀

Episode 3

As usual, we’re working hard on releasing episode 3 this month. This time, we’re doing something crazy and merging what was planned to be episode 3 and episode 7 together into one episode. This pretty much means that we’re going to have to do twice the amount of work as usual. Why are we doing this?

The Sola fans hath spoke, and they demand their queen four episodes earlier than planned. Originally, Sola was the last character that you’re introduced to, not making an appearance until Episode 7, after the first mid-season finale. (Kind of like Azunyan) But alas, due to her surging popularity, we’ve decided to introduce Sola earlier. Don’t say that I never listen to backers. 😀

I worked on Sola’s ryder a bit for this update.  Here’s an early preview.

 It’s gonna be nuts making all the assets and recording all the voices for Episode 3 though. This will undoubtedly be our best episode yet! Look forward to seeing Sola in action for the first time!

Character Popularity Poll!

The contest is on! Which character do you like so far in Sunrider? Who knows what nice things will happen to the winner! Vote today!


At Love in Space, we’re always thinking of new potential Kickstarter projects. However, due to technical hiccups, Doki Doki Space Whale is temporary on hiatus until various animal rights activists believe our assurances that the game does not feature any violence against space whales. Further, due to various reasons, The Adventures of Unknown Pilot-kun have hit various budget and bureaucratic problems as well. (And his popularity seems to be waning anyways.)

But fear not! We have analyzed current trends and found that everything is in BL right now. Thus, we will ready Sunrider: Boy’s Love Edition immediately for Kickstarter. This is all for the good of the studio, and so we expect all backers to contribute handsomely!

 Also: Will have datable male Space Whales as well.

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Check out Exogenesis!


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