Weekly Update #10

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It is time for another update.  And since there was no update last week, it’ll be a double feature this time!  There’ll be more pictures and less text though, because I need to go back to working more on the beta ASAP.

Also, heads up!  If you want to see the beta in all of its glory, then you might want to skip this update, because there are some minor spoilers.

Cosette’s Pirates Nest: Production images

Making the mesh

Clay render

Textured, lighted, and post-processed.  What actually goes into the game.

This Mining Union outpost was abandoned shortly after surveys revealed no valuable minerals in the local asteroid field.  Sometime afterwards, the outpost was reclaimed by Cosette and her pirates and refurbished as a pirate nest.  Now it serves as a staging point for all of Cosette’s operations near Tydaria.

The PACT Cruiser serves as the thunder of the PACT Fleet.  Highly versatile and capable of fielding a small contingent of ryders, a cruiser should not be approached lightly by even seasoned captains.  Cruisers are outfitted for long distance operations and usually spearhead smaller fleets of frigates.

PACT outposts serve as resupply and communications centers for remote areas of space.  PACT planted numerous versions of such outposts throughout the Neutral Rim in preparation for their assault in flagrant violation of the Treaty of Vespa.  They are vital strategic assets necessary for continued resupply and communications on the front lines and are usually closely protected by escort fleets.

The PACT Mook serves as PACT’s basic ryder.  While lacking in extra features, the mook offers a solid balance of lasers, kinetic, and missiles.  Overall, the mook is considered to be the standard issue for PACT pilots and has no glaring weaknesses.  However, combat success is limited against more advanced ryders used by officers and successful freelancers.

Often the butt of jokes, the Pirate Grunt is basically a PACT Mook which has been salvaged from a junk pile.  Rebuilt from improvised parts and sporting a hasty repair job, the Grunt has seen better days.  But the life of a pirate is not a glamorous one, and many a desperate men willingly enter the cockpits of such ryders seeking quick riches.  Most meet their untimely demise shortly thereafter.

Veniczar B. Fontana

Dark and secretive, Fontana serves as the director of PACT’s secret weapons research.  While ambitious, Fontana has proven himself loyal to Veniczar Arcadius.  Fontana may be the second most powerful man in PACT, and is viewed as Arcadius’ right hand man.  Fontana commands a fleet of PACT’s most technologically advanced ships, and is a ruthless villain who cannot be underestimated.

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