Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn Announced

Samu-kun Liberation Day, News

Love in Space is excited to announce Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn, the FREE DLC story expansion to Sunrider Liberation Day.

Kayto Shields returns for his next adventure in the Sunrider universe. Experience the story of Liberation Day in a completely different way when Shields wakes up 72 hours before the ending of Liberation Day, somehow fully aware of who will betray him… and finds that he must stop another Kayto Shields from repeating history.

But under what mysterious circumstances was he sent back to the past? Will he be able to race against time and change the bleak future? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?


  • The DLC adds the [RE]turn afterstory arc after you have completed the main story of Liberation Day
  • Take control of Kayto Shields in this desperate race against time, where every decision means the difference between life and death
  • Build your relationship with Asaga, Ava, Claude, Icari, or Sola to change history.
  • Multi-route, highly replayable scenario with multiple endings
  • Story only addon, double the length as the Liberation Day story script
  • Thrilling suspense story where death is always around the corner


Q: Will I need to download a new decensor patch

A: Yes, we will post a new free decensor patch once the DLC is released


Q: Is [RE]turn canon

A: There are multiple story paths in [RE]turn as well as different endings, so there is no “canon” outcome


Q: What happened to Kryska

A: You can’t go out with Kryska in the DLC, but she’ll help out in Icari’s path


Q: Will [RE]turn be voiced

A: The new story content will not be voiced.


Q: When will the DLC be released?

A: Maybe in a month, but basically as long as it takes to finish it.