Sunrider Academy Now on Early Access

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Love in Space and Sekai Project are proud to announce that Sunrider Academy can now be purchased on Steam Early Access!

Purchase now to immediately play the common route of Sunrider Academy!

While this is merely the first step to releasing the game on Steam, reaching this milestone took the concerted effort of many people at Love in Space and Sekai Project. We hope that our players will enjoy what we have created of the game so far.

We will not be alone in creating Sunrider Academy, as we have always paid close attention to community feedback in developing our games. Early Access is a good way to involve players in the process of making games and fits well with our developmental process. Just like Sunrider before it, beta testers will now be able to play Sunrider Academy and help shape the final form of our product. We always enjoy seeing what our players can do with our games and look forward to what you can bring.

Sunrider Academy is but a piece of the universes we hope to create from now. Please support us bring more high quality anime games outside of Japan!


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  1. Araegis

    Hey guys 😀

    i am a huge fan of the sunrider series and wanted to play Sunrider Academy, but i can not find it anywhere on steam besides the demo. Do i look in the wrong place, because i cant find it in the early access category on steam :O

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