Sunrider Academy March Update

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A content update has been added to Sunrider Academy. With this update, you can now date Chigara, adding about 4-5 more hours of content to the game.

Change log

Chigara V1.01
-Improved mod compatibility
-Added Sola’s default birthday event

Chigara V1.00
-KUMA SHOCKU: You can no longer save scum competitions or exams
-Higher and lower difficulties adjusted – the impact of changing difficulty levels on dice rolls has been reduced, but the difficulty of competitions and exams now change based on the difficulty setting
-Club stats now appear on the campus map during club hours
-.rpyc are now shipped with the game, reducing the chance of save corruptions
-Chigara route now complete

Chigara M6:
-Liberation Day park party loop fixed
-Typos fixed
-Monolith dream glitch fixed
-Tier 4 club items Inventory glitch fixed
-Random conversations no longer trigger for girls you have 10 hearts with
-Chigara route M4 & M5 content added

Full Change Log here:


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