Shining Song STARNOVA Announced

Samu-kun Starnova


Love in Space and Sekai Project proudly present Shining Song STARNOVA.

Shining Song Starnova from Love in Space is an idol-themed visual novel featuring energetic anime-style illustrations, a dramatic story about the trials of the entertainment industry, and songs and vocals from Japanese voice talents MI-KO (vocalist, MOSAIC.WAV) and himari (Chocola, NEKOPARA), among others.

Players will assume the role of Mr. Producer, who takes seven imperfect talents under his wing at Shining Productions. When the girls debut as the idol group STARNOVA, the task of lifting these starlets to fame rests solely on the shoulders of Mr. Producer. As they face various trials and hardships, the aspiring idols soon discover that the industry is nowhere near as perfect as it is portrayed by media.

This is the story of STARNOVA‚Äôs trials, their laughs, and their tears, as the seven girls walk the thorny path to stardom…