[RE]turn Story Expansion Added, Game Updated to V3.00 Captain’s Edition

Samu-kun Liberation Day

The long awaited story expansion to Liberation Day has now been added to the game! The new story has approximately three times as many words as the story in the main game, and is roughly the size of all the Sunrider games’ scripts except Academy put together.

The game will also be on a 30% off sale starting tomorrow to the end of the month.

Return to Liberation Day in a desperate race against time to save the galaxy once more. How will events unfold now that you know who will betray you? This time, you will have the help of Asaga, Ava, Sola, Claude, and Icari. But your mission will not be easy. Prepare to meet death many times as you fight for the happy ending to your return…

Note: If you installed the Denpasoft mod, you will have to download the mod again or the game will crash. Check to make sure “DENPA MOD OUT OF DATE” does not appear in the main menu at start up.