(Lore) Chapter 2: The Alliance-Imperial War

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Following the collapse of the Holy Ryuvian Empire and the near extinction of human race in the Ryuvian Wars, humanity briefly entered a Dark Age.  The remnants of the Ryuvians retreated back to its core worlds and faded from power, their technology now long lost.

However, studying derelict Ryuvian ruins and artifacts allowed humanity to slowly but surely reclaim its master place in the galaxy.  Ruined, but not defeated, humanity once again took to the stars to colonize undiscovered worlds.  Fortune smiled upon the courageous explorers, and a class-28 paradise planet was discovered in the far reaches of the galaxy.  Named New Eden by its settlers, it was said it would be the center of humankind’s revival.  Overflowing with natural resources, arable land, and fresh water, news of New Eden’s discovery spread swiftly through the galaxy.  The people of New Eden named themselves the New Empire, and boasted they would restore the glory of the old Holy Ryuvian Empire of the legends.  Backed by the seemingly endless resources of New Eden, the New Empire quickly developed a formidable military force.  Countless neighboring worlds decided voluntarily to give themselves to the Empire.  Those who did not were soon after seized and made vassals.  The Imperial Age had begun.

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However, with power came inevitable oppression.  The rulers of the New Empire became drunk with power, and soon fancied themselves reincarnations of the Holy Ryuvian Lords.  They ruled their people with an iron fist.  New Eden became the home of the rich and powerful, where the Imperial elites would live in lavish luxury.  The rest of Imperial society lived in abject poverty, their minds brainwashed by propaganda and their livelihoods taken for the benefit of the rich.

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Circa 397, the New Empire appeared destined to rule all of humanity.  The decaying remnants of the Ryuvian Empire was written off as doomed, and the remaining humans of the galaxy grimly waited until they inevitably became slaves of the New Empire.

However, the free people of Solaris refused to become slaves.  Under the leadership of legendary Admiral Madeline Grey, the remaining free worlds of the galaxy united under the banner of the Solar Alliance.  Declaring the universal truths of freedom and democracy, Admiral Grey scrambled together a massive armada from fleets across the galaxy, and met the Imperial onslaught at the now mythical Battle of Solaris.

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The combined mettle of free people across the galaxy brought forth a miracle, and the Imperial fleet was routed.  The setback at Solaris reverberated throughout the New Empire, and shook the Imperial Court.  Frictions between the Boy Emperor, who had ascended the Imperial throne at the age of 14, the Imperial Consort (his mother), and the Counsel of Advisers, broke into an outright power struggle.  Further rattling the Empire was the resurgence of the Ryuvian Empire, whom everyone had previously written off as the sick man of the galaxy.  Emboldened by the Solar Alliance’s victory, the Ryuvians finally chose to reclaim the heritage of their ancestors and join the Alliance in its war against the Empire.  Worst of all, the first signs of an internal revolutionary movement began to take form inside the Empire.  Calling themselves the Compact, the citizen-slaves of the Empire began to openly question their rulers after their catastrophic defeat at Solaris.

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Faced with a war on two fronts, a power struggle within the Imperial Court, and internal revolution, the Empire had no choice but to pursue peace.  The Treaty of Vespa formally ended the Alliance-Imperial War and restored an uneasy peace to the galaxy.

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The Alliance emerged as the uncontested winner of the war.  Solaris, which was nothing more than a merchant world a mere decade prior, won territory which stretched from the hub world of Far Port to the Eastern quadrant.  Far Port was a former Ryuvian world which was liberated from its Imperial occupiers by the Alliance.  While the Ryuvian fleet had admittedly abandoned the world to its fate in the face of an imminent Imperial invasion during the war, most had expected the Alliance to return Far Port to the Ryuvians at the conclusion of the war.  However, Far Port proved to be far too strategic a world for the Alliance to give up, as it served as the gateway into the Alliance core worlds.  After having assisted the Alliance in the war, Ryuvians would never forgive the Alliance for essentially stealing Far Port.  After the Far Port scandal, the Alliance-Ryuvia alliance quickly disintegrated.  With the loss of Far Port, Ryuvia’s brief resurgence ended, and the old Ryuvian nation – now no longer even an empire – continued its slip into oblivion.

Over the course of the next century, the Alliance developed into a military, economic, and cultural powerhouse, and the New Empire declined further into internal power struggles and unrest.  The revolutionary group Compact, now funded by Alliance covert operatives, spread the fires of unrest throughout the New Empire.  The assassination of the Emperor in 494 sounded the death knell of the New Empire.  After ruling most of the galaxy with an iron fist for nearly 500 years, the New Empire formally collapsed in 495.

Join us next time to learn about the transformation of Compact into the entity we know today as PACT.  Who is this mysterious Veniczar who leads PACT, and why are they now intent on galactic domination?  Tune in next time!

(Lore) Chapter 1: The Origins of Humanity

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Very few – perhaps no one – knows how humanity began.  Various theories are abound.  The Solar Alliance claims humanity must have sprang from aquatic life on the surface of prehistoric Solaris.  The Ryuvian Dynasty claims all life originated from the hand of God on the peak of Mount Destiny on Ryuvia Prime.  Whatever the case may be, the origins of humans, and how humans came to rule the galaxy, are unknown.  For as long as recorded history can tell, humans have been the dominant life form in the galaxy, and their only real enemy have been themselves.  All other life forms in the galaxy have either been exterminated, domesticated, or adopted into the human diet.  Some ancient fossils suggest a human-alien war may have taken place millions of years ago.  Whatever the details may be, it is clear who won the war.

Likewise, nobody knows when or how faster than light travel came to be.  The general consensus seems to be that the Ryuvians were the first to master instantaneous quantum jumps.  They spread through the galaxy, exponentially growing in power as they exploited planet after planet of its natural resources, and wiped out any life form which stood in the way of development.  For thousands of years, the galaxy was united under the singular Ryuvian banner.  However, not even the mighty Ryuvian fleets could tame human ambition.  Men and women across the galaxy sought to leave their marks on history and revolted against Ryuvia Prime.  The Holy Ryuvian Empire fractured, collapsed, then rose again too many times that even historians lost count.

At its apex, it is said the Holy Ryuvian Empire possessed technology capable of quasi-god like powers.  Obviously, the Ryuvians used this technology far too liberally to destroy its enemies, as weapons proliferation ultimately led to the destruction of most of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, and humanity in general.

Thus begins most of recorded history.  Most of the history of the Holy Ryuvian Empire has been unfortunately lost, thanks to humanity’s penchant for using excessive firepower.  After the downfall of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, humanity splintered into three camps:  The free people of the Western quadrant of the galaxy, the New Empire of the Northern quadrant, and the remnants of the Ryuvians in the Eastern quadrant.  For a time, warfare stopped, as humanity lost the power of quantum jumps, overall, the technology of the Ryuvian Empire had been destroyed or forgotten.  It fell upon the humans who survived the Ryuvian Wars to rediscover the lost technology of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, and to restore mankind to its former glory.

This is still 500 years before the beginning of Sunrider…  Tune in next time, as we cover the birth of the Solar Alliance, and the Alliance-New Empire War.

Welcome to the New Website

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Welcome to the new Sunrider website.

SUNRIDER is a galaxy spanning RPG/visual novel featuring massive space battles, high technical mechas, an epic space opera story, and anime girls.  And best of all, it will be released for absolutely free for everyone to enjoy.

We operate under the following mission statement:

  • Player friendly:  Sunrider will be complete FREEWARE.  No DRM, no online requirement, and no payment at all will be required.
  • Creative Commons:  The future of copyright.  All of the Sunrider assets will be available for creative modification.  Want to translate Sunrider into different languages?  Go ahead.  Want to look at and modify the source code?  It will be available.  Want to use the game graphics?  They’re all free to use.  Everything related to Sunrider may be modified, appropriated, and used by you with no risk of copyright infringement.  The only thing you have to do is give us proper credit and share your work for free under the same conditions as Sunrider.
  • Entertainment:  Sunrider puts you in charge.  Take command of your own ridiculously powerful warship, travel through the galaxy, and command your crew.  Turn the tide of massive space battles.  Shape the course of galactic history.  Win the love of your crew.  But beware – the life of a space captain is not easy.  Be forced to make split second moral decisions.  Fight a one ship battle against impossible odds.  Take control – save the galaxy.

We only rely upon you, the fans, to make Sunrider a success.  Please visit our website and help spread the word.  After all, you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy Sunrider – so why not share it?