Sunrider Academy Released!

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Sunrider Academy is now available for purchase!

Sunrider Academy can be purchased at the following places.


Purchasing the game once gets you access to all the content in the game. A purchase at Denpasoft comes with a free Steam key to unlock the game on Steam! You may also mod the Steam version of the game into the version sold at Denpasoft.


Purchase Sunrider Academy’s opening song!

Price: $0.99

Vocals: μ (Miu)

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Content Restoration Mod

You may optionally install a mod to add in the extra content in the Denpa version if you bought the game on Steam.

1. Find Sunrider Academy install location by right clicking the game on Steam and pressing properties
2. Press “Local Files” tab > Press “Browse Local Files”
3. Open the folder called “game”
4. Download additional content (109 MB) and drop the three files in the patch into “game” folder
5. Start game on Steam. Content warning should appear & “Denpa Edition” should appear at the bottom left side of the main menu

Sunrider Academy to be Released April 15

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We at Love in Space are excited to announce that Sunrider Academy will be released on Denpasoft (complete edition) and Steam (general ages version) on April 15.

Sunrider Academy is the biggest game we’ve produced to date, with a scenario as long as all the other games we’ve released so far put together! That’s Homeward+First Arrival+Mask of Arcadius put together. With tons of story, countless high resolution CGs, and stat management game play, you can now go out with the most popular girls from the Sunrider series. This is your chance to go out and romance your favorite character from Sunrider!


  • Fully featured story arcs for Asaga, Chigara, Ava, and Sola from Sunrider
  • 100+ CGs, 30+ base CGs
  • 30 hours of content
  • Date sim stat management game play
  • $24 with launch discount!


You are Kayto Shields, an ordinary man thrown into an extraordinary adventure. It was only his first day as the vice president of the Sunrider Academy student council when the unreasonable class president appointed him to be the school club manager. “These clubs cause nothing but trouble,” she said. “I’m appointing you to take charge and fix them up by the end of the year!”

Add to that another completely unreasonable bet with his little sister that he’ll get a girlfriend by the end of the year, and Kayto’s school life already seems hectic! But that’s not even the worst of it! Kayto soon learns that the captains of each of the clubs he’s supposed to manage have serious issues of their own. Surrounded by girls lacking any common sense, his whacky days at Sunrider Academy begin!

You will take control of Kayto as he carefully manages both his student life, and his responsibilities as club manager.

Study hard, bring glory to Sunrider Academy, and get a girlfriend!

Piece of cake, right?


  • asaga_fall2
  • chigarah3_1
  • ava_h2_6
  • solakiss1
  • arcade2
  • ava_h1-1
  • sola dance
  • chigaratopgone1


ANNOUNCING: World of Sunrider XXX

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Here at Love in Space, we are always thinking of new ways to drive digital waifu games forward.

It brings us great pride to finally unveil WORLD OF SUNRIDER XXX.


With WORLD OF SUNRIDER XXX, we’re not making a game. We’re making a new way of life. A next frontier in space girlfriend simulation.

To begin, simply select your WAIFU with a single easy payment.


asagamech chigaramech



cosettemech icarimech solamech avamech


kryska cannot be found


arcade screen 1


Now explore a vast, procedurally generated galaxy featuring 500000 planets, 1000000000000000000+++ ships, and 1 very illusive space whale! Combat enemy fleets in glorious real time on your mech! Space is lonely no more with your waifu at your side! Want more help or want more yuri action? Purchase more waifus! Bought the whole set and want more? Each purchase will bring us closer to creating more waifus with the unlocking of our STRETCH GOALS!

$1 million: SPACE WHALE themed waifu


$3 million: PACT WAIFUS. Careful, these girls are COMMUNISTS!


arcade screen 2



Full oculus rift support for all the H scenes! Because, well, what good are high technical mechs, a million word script, and a sound track performed by the London Phil if you can’t deflower the waifu of your dreams in GLORIOUS FIRST PERSON MODE! Want more waifu action? PURCHASE EXTRA SEXUAL ENERGY FOR $5!!!!


But wait, that’s not all! Customize your mechs with purchasable LoveL*ve and Fat*Stay|Night decals! Thanks to our new partnerships with the anime industry, you can now show off your fandom to the world!


We can’t make WORLD OF SUNRIDER XXX without your help! Please help us raise the initial $500 needed to realize our base goal on Kickstarter! We raised 42 times the base goal last time, so I’m sure we can easily raise the $10 million we actually want while still securing our base goal overnight!

Sunrider Academy March Update

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A content update has been added to Sunrider Academy. With this update, you can now date Chigara, adding about 4-5 more hours of content to the game.

Change log

Chigara V1.01
-Improved mod compatibility
-Added Sola’s default birthday event

Chigara V1.00
-KUMA SHOCKU: You can no longer save scum competitions or exams
-Higher and lower difficulties adjusted – the impact of changing difficulty levels on dice rolls has been reduced, but the difficulty of competitions and exams now change based on the difficulty setting
-Club stats now appear on the campus map during club hours
-.rpyc are now shipped with the game, reducing the chance of save corruptions
-Chigara route now complete

Chigara M6:
-Liberation Day park party loop fixed
-Typos fixed
-Monolith dream glitch fixed
-Tier 4 club items Inventory glitch fixed
-Random conversations no longer trigger for girls you have 10 hearts with
-Chigara route M4 & M5 content added

Full Change Log here:


Uncensored Version of Sunrider Academy Beta Now on Sale at Denpasoft

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You can now pre-order the game at Denpasoft for the price of $24.

Your purchase will get you the following:

  • Instant access to the uncensored version of the beta. Currently, you can play through the entire game, but you can only go out with Sola. You will get beta updates at least once a month.
  • A copy of the full uncensored version when it’s done
  • Steam codes for the all ages Early Access game as well the full game when it’s done

Available here!


Sunrider Academy Feb Major Update

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sola dance

We have just delivered a major content update to Sunrider Academy.

This update adds the entirety of Sola’s arc to the game, bringing the game up to about 10 hours of content, as well as a number of additional items, gameplay tweaks, and features.

The full change log can be viewed here.

Copies of Sunrider Academy will go back on sale at Denpasoft on Monday. If you purchased the game at Denpasoft, they should update your copy on Monday.

If you purchased Sunrider Academy on Steam, your game should already be updated to the latest version.

Purchasing the game once gets you all versions of the game.

sola HCG2filter 1

Instructions to Mod the Game on Steam to the Denpasoft Version

1. Find Sunrider Academy install location by right clicking the game on Steam and pressing properties
2. Press “Local Files” tab > Press “Browse Local Files”
3. Open the folder called “game”
4. Download additional content (30 MB) and drop the two files in the patch into “game” folder
5. Start game on Steam. Content warning should appear & “Denpa Edition” should appear at the bottom left side of the main menu

If you purchased the game on Denpasoft, they should provide you with a product code to unlock the game on Steam as well.

Sunrider Academy Now on Early Access

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Love in Space and Sekai Project are proud to announce that Sunrider Academy can now be purchased on Steam Early Access!

Purchase now to immediately play the common route of Sunrider Academy!

While this is merely the first step to releasing the game on Steam, reaching this milestone took the concerted effort of many people at Love in Space and Sekai Project. We hope that our players will enjoy what we have created of the game so far.

We will not be alone in creating Sunrider Academy, as we have always paid close attention to community feedback in developing our games. Early Access is a good way to involve players in the process of making games and fits well with our developmental process. Just like Sunrider before it, beta testers will now be able to play Sunrider Academy and help shape the final form of our product. We always enjoy seeing what our players can do with our games and look forward to what you can bring.

Sunrider Academy is but a piece of the universes we hope to create from now. Please support us bring more high quality anime games outside of Japan!