Shining Song STARNOVA Announced

Samu-kun Starnova


Love in Space and Sekai Project proudly present Shining Song STARNOVA.

Shining Song Starnova from Love in Space is an idol-themed visual novel featuring energetic anime-style illustrations, a dramatic story about the trials of the entertainment industry, and songs and vocals from Japanese voice talents MI-KO (vocalist, MOSAIC.WAV) and himari (Chocola, NEKOPARA), among others.

Players will assume the role of Mr. Producer, who takes seven imperfect talents under his wing at Shining Productions. When the girls debut as the idol group STARNOVA, the task of lifting these starlets to fame rests solely on the shoulders of Mr. Producer. As they face various trials and hardships, the aspiring idols soon discover that the industry is nowhere near as perfect as it is portrayed by media.

This is the story of STARNOVA’s trials, their laughs, and their tears, as the seven girls walk the thorny path to stardom…

[RE]turn Story Expansion Added, Game Updated to V3.00 Captain’s Edition

Samu-kun Liberation Day

The long awaited story expansion to Liberation Day has now been added to the game! The new story has approximately three times as many words as the story in the main game, and is roughly the size of all the Sunrider games’ scripts except Academy put together.

The game will also be on a 30% off sale starting tomorrow to the end of the month.

Return to Liberation Day in a desperate race against time to save the galaxy once more. How will events unfold now that you know who will betray you? This time, you will have the help of Asaga, Ava, Sola, Claude, and Icari. But your mission will not be easy. Prepare to meet death many times as you fight for the happy ending to your return…

Note: If you installed the Denpasoft mod, you will have to download the mod again or the game will crash. Check to make sure “DENPA MOD OUT OF DATE” does not appear in the main menu at start up.





Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn Announced

Samu-kun Liberation Day, News

Love in Space is excited to announce Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn, the FREE DLC story expansion to Sunrider Liberation Day.

Kayto Shields returns for his next adventure in the Sunrider universe. Experience the story of Liberation Day in a completely different way when Shields wakes up 72 hours before the ending of Liberation Day, somehow fully aware of who will betray him… and finds that he must stop another Kayto Shields from repeating history.

But under what mysterious circumstances was he sent back to the past? Will he be able to race against time and change the bleak future? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?


  • The DLC adds the [RE]turn afterstory arc after you have completed the main story of Liberation Day
  • Take control of Kayto Shields in this desperate race against time, where every decision means the difference between life and death
  • Build your relationship with Asaga, Ava, Claude, Icari, or Sola to change history.
  • Multi-route, highly replayable scenario with multiple endings
  • Story only addon, double the length as the Liberation Day story script
  • Thrilling suspense story where death is always around the corner


Q: Will I need to download a new decensor patch

A: Yes, we will post a new free decensor patch once the DLC is released


Q: Is [RE]turn canon

A: There are multiple story paths in [RE]turn as well as different endings, so there is no “canon” outcome


Q: What happened to Kryska

A: You can’t go out with Kryska in the DLC, but she’ll help out in Icari’s path


Q: Will [RE]turn be voiced

A: The new story content will not be voiced.


Q: When will the DLC be released?

A: Maybe in a month, but basically as long as it takes to finish it.

Sunrider Liberation Day V2.0+ Released on Steam, Denpasoft

Samu-kun Liberation Day, News

Love in Space is pleased to announce Sunrider Liberation Day V2.03 is now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

V2.0 adds a large amount of new content to the game, including

  • Story content after the original ending
  • The ship map & galaxy map
  • ENG voices from Mask of Arcadius can now be toggled on
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

V2.1 is currently in the works and those interested in checking out experimental features can opt in to the V2.1 beta by right clicking the game on Steam, pressing beta, and opting in to the V2.1 beta. We hope you look forward to future updates of Sunrider Liberation Day.

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Decensor Mod Instructions (Steam Only)


1. Extract zip
2. Find local download location by right clicking Sunrider Liberation Day on Steam, pressing “properties” > local files tab > “browse local files”
3. Drop “init_censored.rpy” “init_censored.rpyc” and “modarchive.rpa” into SunriderLiberationDay/game/ folder
4. Do not replace any files, or put the files into any other folder aside from the one called /game/
5. On start up there should be a 18+ warning and “DENPA EDITION” should appear on the top left side of the main menu.


Sunrider Liberation Day OP |SORA NO KODOU|

Samu-kun Liberation Day



Google play

the beat of the cosmos

vocals: RITA
composition and arrangement: TAKANASHI KEITA
lyrics: KAZUKI RAN
Fujiwara Yui
Tominaga Tamami
Minoura Ayano
Yamashita Misa
Igarashi Shouichi
Takada Keiichi

Voice Cast
Asaga di Ryuvia: Sakura Matsuri 咲良まつり
Chigara Ashada: Yomogi Kasumi 蓬かすみ
Ava Crescentia: Kisumi Aoi 木住葵
Claude: Murasaki Nina 村崎にな
Cosette: Hayase Yayoi 早瀬ゃょぃ
Icari : Haruna Ren 榛名れん
Kryska: Yumeno Usagi 夢野うさぎ
Sola : Nakase Hina なかせひな
Admiral Grey: Koshi Yukimitsu 越雪光
Fontana: Oshita Kota おおしたこうた

Sunrider Liberation Day Feature Trailer “A Ship Divided”

Samu-kun Liberation Day, News




Asaga di Ryuvia: Sakura Matsuri 咲良まつり
Chigara Ashada: Yomogi Kasumi 蓬かすみ
Ava Crescentia: Kisumi Aoi 木住葵
Claude: Murasaki Nina 村崎にな
Cosette: Hayase Yayoi 早瀬ゃょぃ
Icari : Haruna Ren 榛名れん
Kryska: Yumeno Usagi 夢野うさぎ
Sola : Nakase Hina なかせひな
Admiral Grey: Koshi Yukimitsu 越雪光
Fontana: Oshita Kota おおしたこうた

Sora no Kodou Now on Sale!

Samu-kun News, Sunrider

OP jacket

The opening song for Sunrider Liberation Day SORA NO KODOU, featuring legendary vocalist RITA is now available for purchase!

宙の鼓動 ft.Rita
Sora no Kodou -the beat of the cosmos- ft.Rita
Iced Blade
Lyrics: 華月 嵐(Kazuki Ran)
Compose & Arrangement:高梨佳汰 (Takanashi Keita)
Vocals: Rita



Sunrider Liberation Trailer 2

Samu-kun Liberation Day, News

Sunrider Liberation Day

Admiral Grey: Koshi Yukimitsu 越雪光
Asaga: Sakura Matsuri 咲良まつり
Ava: Hanamura Ao 花村 青
Chigara: Yomogi Kasumi 蓬かすみ
Claude: Murasaki Nina 村崎にな
Cosette: Hayase Yayoi 早瀬ゃょぃ
Fontana: Oshita Kota おおしたこうた
Icari : Haruna Ren 榛名れん
Kryska: Yumeno Usagi 夢野うさぎ
Sola : Nakase Hina なかせひな


Sunrider: Liberation Day at Tokyo Game Show

Samu-kun Liberation Day, News


Our publisher has come to Japan and set up a booth at Tokyo Game Show filled with waifus from Sunrider: Liberation Day and other English VNs.

Even though the exhibit hall was hot as a sauna, our waifus held strong and neither fell or bent as throngs of bypassers visited… And thankfully it doesn’t seem like we had any human casualties either. Although my feet did hurt a lot and I got drenched with sweat. Hah. Hah.

A round of applause goes to the brave men of Sekai Project who weathered such conditions for days to guard the waifus… I never knew how hot it was inside TGS until I got there.


And now some juicy stuff for the folks back home.

We’re excited to finally reveal we are producing Sunrider: Liberation Day simultaneously in both in English and in Japanese.

Sunrider: Liberation Day will feature full Japanese voice acting for every single line in the game and dual English and Japanese text.


Is Sunrider: Liberation Day being localized into Japanese?

We’re actually making it in English and Japanese at the same time, so we’re building it with the assumption that both the English and Japanese assets will work together to create a single experience for English readers.


Is Sekai Project handling the Japanese translation.

The translation and Japanese voice acting will be done by Love in Space contractors. Sekai Project is the publisher of Sunrider: Liberation Day but has no active role in development.


Can I swap the voice acting between Japanese and English

Sunrider: Liberation Day will only have Japanese voice acting, so you can’t swap to an English voice track.


Which seiyuu will be cast for my waifu

We’re actually still working on the cast list. But because we’re pulling talent from the Japanese eroge industry, we will not be revealing the real identities of any of the seiyuu anyways. (Everyone works under an alias for 18+ games.)


What’s going to be voiced

Every line of dialogue in the VN segments, excluding Kayto, as well as all the unit acknowledgments during the battle segments.


Can you please tell us when the game will be out, etc

Eh trust me, we’d like the game to be out too. But I don’t think it’ll be a very good game if we just release things half baked… We’ll have a release date for Liberation Day further down the line. It’s still only been a few months since Sunrider Academy came out, and we can’t make these games in a flash…