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Sam Yang
General director, mechanical design

Hi everyone, this is Sam, the founder of Love in Space.  I’ve been making visual novels for about four years now.  I’m the project leader of Sunrider and the guy who makes sure every aspect of the game is going smoothly.


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Ashton “Melonbunny” Wilson
Lead artist

Melonbunny is the lead character artist for Sunrider.  When she’s not dressing up in gothic lolita, she’s usually drawing the characters of Sunrider.



watashi_avatar.mediumPaul “Vaendryl”
Lead Programmer
Paul is the lead programmer for Sunrider.  And it’s a relief, because Sam does not know much about math and only barely put together the demo through trial and error!  Paul will be in charge of making the battles in Sunrider.



Steve Green
Sound Engineer

Steve is the guy in charge of making everything in Sunrider go boom.  Whenever a laser fires or a salvo of missiles get launched, Steve will be in charge of making everything sound powerful.


mikeiconMike Salyer
Voice Director

Mike is the voice director of Sunrider and in charge of our vocal cast.  He is the guy who makes sure that our voice acting efforts come together.

Vocal Cast


Kira Buckland
Voice of Asaga

CV: Accel World (Kuroyukihime), Atelier Ayesha (Nio and Odelia), Blue Exorcist (Izumo Kamiki), Magi (Kougyoku Ren), Seirei no Moribito (Nimka)



Mary Morgan
Voice of Chigara

CV: Linebarrels of Iron (Satoru Yamashita), Negima!? (Madoka Kugimiya), We Without Wings (Kobato Haneda)





Amber Lee Connors
Voice of Ava

CV: Dust: An Elysian Tale (Ginger), Heroes of Newerth (Death Metal Rhapsody)




Jill Harris
Voice of Cosette




Aimee Smith
Voice of Icari




20140112230000-sydneypSydney P.
Voice of Claude




cayla martin

Cayla Martin
Voice of Kryska





Tina Kim
Voice of Sola



Jonathan Cooke
Voice of Captain Shields

Seiver Lasson
Voice of Veniczar Arcadius

Other Credits

Tom “Renpytom” Rothamel
Ren’py Engine

Adrian “Sixten” Ferrer
Character design contributor

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