Sunrider Greenlit

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The deed has been done. Now Sunrider will be distributed on the world’s biggest digital distribution platform!

Weekly Status Update #4

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Captain’s Log, star date 2/2/14. Character Designs We’ve now completed the new character designs.  Ashton will now be moving to once again working on the dakis.  There might be radio silence from the art department for the next two weeks since those dakis are going to take a long time to draw. There’s a lot of art that’s not on …

Weekly Status Update #3

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Captain’s Log, stardate 1/26/14 All praise the space whales, we have received our funds! We’ve been paying people and upgrading our equipment this whole week.  We’ve been putting the funds to use, so we hope that you’ll enjoy the updates we have this week. Art Department The art overhaul has been continuing.  We’ve listened to your comments and kept trying …

Weekly Update #2

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Captain’s log, stardate 1/19/14. It has been a very busy week here at Love in Space.  Work has not been as efficient as it could be because we still have not received our funds as of the writing of this update.  I have no idea what Amazon is even doing with our money at this point, since they just have …

Weekly Update #1

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Begin captain’s log, star date 1-12-2014 We are one week into our journey into the unknown.  We have distributed the digital awards for the backers in the following tiers.  If you are within one of the tiers listed below, but have not received your digital thank you card or the digital poster, than please notify me. $35 – digital mark …

Sunrider on Kickstarter

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Sunrider has begun its Kickstarter campaign! Do you want to see an epic space opera with massive space battles, mechas, and anime girls? Please make that dream happen by supporting us on Kickstarter. Don’t know if you want to contribute or not? Check out our new DEMO! Take command of the starship Sunrider as Captain Shields and lead your crew to …

Welcome to the New Website

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Welcome to the new Sunrider website. SUNRIDER is a galaxy spanning RPG/visual novel featuring massive space battles, high technical mechas, an epic space opera story, and anime girls.  And best of all, it will be released for absolutely free for everyone to enjoy. We operate under the following mission statement: Player friendly:  Sunrider will be complete FREEWARE.  No DRM, no …