Patreon Page Updated

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We have made big changes to the awards and tiers for our Patreon. Please take a look, especially if you are a current patreon. Also, we are introducing a very cheap $5 tier to open up the beta! Full information at Patreon:

Announcing a New Sunrider Novelization Project

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We are proud to announce a new collaboration project with WoolyShambler! Sunrider will now receive a novelization which adds new story content and more character development to the original story. Just like a book can take more time to develop the story compared to a movie, Sunrider: The Novelization will help fill in the gaps left by the game. Obviously, …

Sunrider Academy to be Released April 15

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We at Love in Space are excited to announce that Sunrider Academy will be released on Denpasoft (complete edition) and Steam (general ages version) on April 15. Sunrider Academy is the biggest game we’ve produced to date, with a scenario as long as all the other games we’ve released so far put together! That’s Homeward+First Arrival+Mask of Arcadius put together. …

Sunrider Academy March Update

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A content update has been added to Sunrider Academy. With this update, you can now date Chigara, adding about 4-5 more hours of content to the game. Change log Chigara V1.01 -Improved mod compatibility -Added Sola’s default birthday event Chigara V1.00 -KUMA SHOCKU: You can no longer save scum competitions or exams -Higher and lower difficulties adjusted – the impact …

Sunrider Academy Feb Major Update

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We have just delivered a major content update to Sunrider Academy. This update adds the entirety of Sola’s arc to the game, bringing the game up to about 10 hours of content, as well as a number of additional items, gameplay tweaks, and features. The full change log can be viewed here. Copies of Sunrider Academy will go back on …

Sunrider Academy Now on Early Access

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Love in Space and Sekai Project are proud to announce that Sunrider Academy can now be purchased on Steam Early Access! Purchase now to immediately play the common route of Sunrider Academy! While this is merely the first step to releasing the game on Steam, reaching this milestone took the concerted effort of many people at Love in Space and Sekai …