Shining Song Starnova The Net Show Announced!

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Reporting in live from Anime Expo 2017, Love in Space is proud to announce Shining Song Starnova: The Net Show! Join the talents behind the game for fun times on YouTube! See character skits, behind the scenes commentary, and much more! Tune into our pages on Twitter and Facebook for more upcoming big news regarding this grand idol story! Twitter: …

Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn Announced

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Love in Space is excited to announce Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn, the FREE DLC story expansion to Sunrider Liberation Day. Kayto Shields returns for his next adventure in the Sunrider universe. Experience the story of Liberation Day in a completely different way when Shields wakes up 72 hours before the ending of Liberation Day, somehow fully aware of who will betray him… and …

Sunrider Liberation Day V2.0+ Released on Steam, Denpasoft

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Love in Space is pleased to announce Sunrider Liberation Day V2.03 is now available on Steam and Denpasoft. V2.0 adds a large amount of new content to the game, including Story content after the original ending The ship map & galaxy map ENG voices from Mask of Arcadius can now be toggled on Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements V2.1 is …

Sunrider Liberation Day Feature Trailer “A Ship Divided”

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SUNRIDER LIBERATION DAY COMING MARCH 4 2016 STEAM DENPASOFT OFFICIAL WEBSITE Starring Asaga di Ryuvia: Sakura Matsuri 咲良まつり Chigara Ashada: Yomogi Kasumi 蓬かすみ Ava Crescentia: Kisumi Aoi 木住葵 Claude: Murasaki Nina 村崎にな Cosette: Hayase Yayoi 早瀬ゃょぃ Icari : Haruna Ren 榛名れん Kryska: Yumeno Usagi 夢野うさぎ Sola : Nakase Hina なかせひな Admiral Grey: Koshi Yukimitsu 越雪光 Fontana: Oshita Kota おおしたこうた

Sora no Kodou Now on Sale!

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The opening song for Sunrider Liberation Day SORA NO KODOU, featuring legendary vocalist RITA is now available for purchase! 宙の鼓動 ft.Rita Sora no Kodou -the beat of the cosmos- ft.Rita Iced Blade Lyrics: 華月 嵐(Kazuki Ran) Compose & Arrangement:高梨佳汰 (Takanashi Keita) Vocals: Rita iTunes: Amazon:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Others:

Sunrider Liberation Trailer 2

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Sunrider Liberation Day Starring Admiral Grey: Koshi Yukimitsu 越雪光 Asaga: Sakura Matsuri 咲良まつり Ava: Hanamura Ao 花村 青 Chigara: Yomogi Kasumi 蓬かすみ Claude: Murasaki Nina 村崎にな Cosette: Hayase Yayoi 早瀬ゃょぃ Fontana: Oshita Kota おおしたこうた Icari : Haruna Ren 榛名れん Kryska: Yumeno Usagi 夢野うさぎ Sola : Nakase Hina なかせひな JOIN THE BETA

Sunrider: Liberation Day at Tokyo Game Show

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Our publisher has come to Japan and set up a booth at Tokyo Game Show filled with waifus from Sunrider: Liberation Day and other English VNs. Even though the exhibit hall was hot as a sauna, our waifus held strong and neither fell or bent as throngs of bypassers visited… And thankfully it doesn’t seem like we had any human …

Announcing Rita

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We’ve had a fun time here in Los Angeles with Sekai Project. Even though we’re pretty much hikikomori who never go outside, we’re glad to finally be able to meet all the people we work with in person. We are pleased to announce RITA will sing the opening theme of Sunrider: Liberation Day. With high profile singing roles in visual …

Sunrider at Anime Expo!

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Hello everyone, we’re all prepared to head to Los Angeles for Anime Expo. This year’s AX is going to be a watershed moment for visual novels. We have big announcements of our own for Sunrider, which will be unveiled on July 4th, 7 PM at Sekai Project’s industry panel. If you’re at AX, please be sure to attend. AX will …