Announcing Rita

Samu-kun News

We’ve had a fun time here in Los Angeles with Sekai Project. Even though we’re pretty much hikikomori who never go outside, we’re glad to finally be able to meet all the people we work with in person.

We are pleased to announce RITA will sing the opening theme of Sunrider: Liberation Day. With high profile singing roles in visual novels such as Little Busters and Yosuga no Sora, we have no doubt Liberation Day’s opening will fit perfectly in the music library of all anime fans. We will work hard to ensure that the OP lives up to the high quality fans expect from a Rita song.

We’re remaking most of the assets in Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius to deliver a stunning finale to the original Sunrider trilogy. No doubt, Liberation Day will be the most high technical game we’ve made yet, with completely remade visuals and music. We are remaking all of the character art in Mask of Arcadius and sparing no expense in ensuring that all our assets meet the highest industry standards of visual appeal.

Another feature in Liberation Day are all new mecha animations during the story segments. All the clips in the trailer of the mechas are in-game footage and will be used to capture the drama of the Sunrider’s mecha wing as they confront enemies.

Sunrider would not be the same without a top tier sound track, and we are sparing no expense to ensure that the new music sets a new bar for visual novels. The trailer unveils the main theme of Liberation Day. We hope that our fans will be impressed by the all new fully original sound track we are producing for Liberation Day.

But that’s not all! We still have huge things in the works for Liberation Day. We will make those announcements as our efforts bare fruit. Please look forward to us seeing us along with Sekai Project at the Tokyo Game Show 2015.